Enhancing comfort while reducing fuel consumption


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive radiators, DENSO supplies a wide range of aluminium and traditional copper/brass radiators for passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, tractors and trucks. The range includes: integrated cooling modules, radiator caps, radiator fans, heater cores and oil coolers.

Our philosophy of evaluation and continual improvement has allowed us to develop the best performing radiators on the market – with a reputation for quality, reliability and best-in-class performance. By tailoring designs to meet the rigours of local operating conditions, DENSO Radiators are stronger, lighter, more compact and durable than other brands.

The most common type of radiator for passenger vehicles is the fin and tube type, which comprises corrugated fins bonded to the sides of flat sided tubes to make up a core matrix.

Key benefits

  • Choice of three designs: cross flow, down flow and multiple pass
  • Two types: fin and tube, and plate fin
  • Compact, light weight and durable
  • First-time fitment guaranteed
  • Reliable performance
  • Significantly longer lifespan than imitation brands