Thermal Systems

Enhancing comfort while reducing fuel consumption

Thermal Systems

DENSO’s thermal systems and components are designed to enhance driver and passenger comfort while reducing fuel consumption. DENSO is a leading developer and manufacturer of original equipment engine cooling parts and systems. Our products are fitted as original equipment to almost 40% of European cars including Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Opel, Renault and VW. DENSO’s car air conditioning units – one of our key thermal system product ranges – are smaller, lighter and more efficient than conventional units. The most recent developments include:


  • A completely redesigned radiator that provides high performance while being 40% smaller and lighter than previous models (left).
  • The world’s first small, light-weight electric compressor for an electric hybrid vehicle, which saves fuel by providing cooling during idling
  • A smaller, lighter heater core that achieves the same performance as DENSO’s conventional heater core
  • The world’s first air conditioning system for cars that is capable of air conditioning the driver’s seat exclusively


Main Products: Thermal

Air conditioning systems for cars; Radiators; Cooling fans; Inter coolers; Oil coolers; Engine cooling modules; Reserve tanks

Main Products: Climate, Cooling and Heating

Air conditioning systems for buses and construction equipment; Truck refrigeration units; Air purifiers

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