Oxygen (Lambda) Sensors

The Powertrain group of parts and systems is of core importance to every car

Oxygen (Lambda) Sensors

Today’s cars can have up to six oxygen (lambda) sensors; each of them is critical to proper engine function. A car’s oxygen sensor is constantly exposed to a barrage of harmful contaminants that can rob it of its ability to produce an efficient reading. In addition, engine lubricants, sealants, additives, silicone and oil can damage a sensor’s element.

DENSO’s first time fit Oxygen (Lambda) Sensors are specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s engines. They are coated with a special formulation of aluminum oxide to trap impurities outside of the ceramic element.

Key benefits

  • Guaranteed first time fit
  • Trap impurities outside the ceramic element
  • Twice as resistant to silicone and lead poisoning