Integrated Starter Generator

The Powertrain group of parts and systems is of core importance to every car

Integrated Starter Generator

DENSO’s small, long-life Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) allows the Hybrid Electric Vehicle’s (HEV’s) engine to instantly and quietly restart after the idle stop, when the engine shuts down to save fuel and emissions.

Like a conventional alternator, the ISG produces electric power when the vehicle is running, which is used to supply electric devices and/or to charge the battery. The ISG can help to decelerate the vehicle by generating electric power, which is called regenerative braking. The electric power generated charges the battery, reducing fuel consumption. If a clutch disconnects the ISG and the compressor from the engine during the idle stop, the ISG can drive the air-conditioning compressor via a belt.

Key benefits

  • Instant and quiet restarting
  • Generates electric power
  • Reduced fuel consumption