Leading the field in rotating electrics


When a vehicle is running, the alternator produces electric power for the electric devices. It also charges the battery that powers those devices when the engine is stopped. In recent years, vehicle power consumption has increased with the increase in information and communication products, as well as various electronic control products. To meet this demand for additional power, alternators must produce electric power more efficiently with a smaller size and lighter weight.

DENSO Alternators incorporate the latest advanced engineering technology to meet these changing requirements – delivering the reliability and longevity customers have come to expect. Since 1988, DENSO has held the largest share of the global alternator market. Currently, SC Alternators account for 70 percent of DENSO’s alternator production. Recently, the production milestone of 100 million SC Alternators was reached.

Key benefits

  • High output and high efficiency
  • Light weight
  • Low magnetic noise
  • Small, multi-functional regulator
  • Three types: 12V100A, 12V130A and 12V150A