Pre-Crash Safety System

An innovative range of active safety and driver assistance technologies

Pre-Crash Safety System

DENSO’s Pre-Crash Safety System identifies inevitable obstacles a split second prior to collision, automatically tightens passenger seatbelts, and activates a pre-crash brake system to reduce vehicle speed.

The system includes three key components:

  • Millimetre-wave radar detects vehicles and obstacles ahead
  • Pre-crash electronic control unit (ECU) processes information gathered by the radar to determine if the vehicle will hit the obstacle, and then sends signals regarding distance and relative speed of the obstacle to the pre-crash seatbelt ECU and brake system
  • Pre-crash seatbelt ECU retracts the seatbelt mechanism based on signals from the pre-crash ECU

Key benefits

  • Wide scanning range
  • Excellent detection accuracy
  • Small and lightweight radar
  • Automatic braking
  • Automatic seatbelt tightening