Passive Entry & Start Systems

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Passive Entry & Start Systems

The passive entry & start system allows the driver to lock and  unlock the vehicle’s doors without touching a key, and to start or stop  the engine simply by pushing the ignition button. DENSO supplies the passive key, receiver, entry ECU and start ECU for the system.

How it works

The driver’s ‘passive key’ detects the low-power signal emitted from the vehicle as the driver approaches. The passive key automatically responds to the vehicle by emitting a key code.

The vehicle’s receiver receives the key code and sends it to an entry electronic control unit (ECU). The entry ECU confirms the key code.

When the key code is confirmed and the driver touches the door handle, the entry ECU unlocks the doors.

To start the vehicle engine, the driver simply pushes an ignition  button. The start ECU allows the engine to start only when the key code  is confirmed again.

DENSO Smart Key