Lane Keeping Assist System

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Lane Keeping Assist System

DENSO’s Lane Keeping Assist System detects lane markers on the road ahead, and assists the driver’s steering to help keep the vehicle between them. When the system detects the vehicle straying from its lane, it alerts the driver visually as well as audibly. At the same time it applies a slight counter-steering torque, trying to prevent the vehicle from moving out of its lane.

The system’s two key components are:

  • Vision sensor, installed next to a vehicle’s inside rear view mirror
  • Steering assist electronic control unit (ECU)

A camera on the vision sensor photographs lane markers ahead. The vision sensor calculates positions and shapes of the lane markers and sends the information to the steering assist ECU.

The steering assist ECU then calculates a target steering torque based on the data from the vision sensor, and sends a signal to an electric power steering (EPS) ECU. The steering assist ECU further determines if it is necessary to alert the driver of the vehicle’s lane deviation with a buzzer and a visual display.

Key benefits

  • Small size
  • High resolution
  • Audible and visual warning
  • Automatic steering adjustment

DENSO vision sensor