Head-up Displays

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Head-up Displays

DENSO’s next-generation head-up display (HUD) can show a variety of information – such as vehicle speed, car navigation or night view system images – in front of the windshield. Compared with conventional instrument clusters DENSO’s HUD can shorten the driver’s eye movement time, allowing focus to remain in front of the vehicle.

DENSO introduced the world’s first HUD in December 2003. The concave mirror, which reflects light from the indicator toward the windshield, uses progressive focus points – a DENSO-developed technology – to provide a high-quality image. The night view system emits near-infrared radiation in front of the vehicle and detects the reflected radiation. This creates the image displayed by the HUD; helping drivers to see the view ahead at night-time.

Key benefits

  • Safely provides drivers with driving information while still focusing ahead
  • High-quality, undistorted image
  • Uniform image brightness allows drivers to see the virtual image, even in the daytime