Car Navigation

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Car Navigation

A car navigation system must correctly detect the vehicle’s current location and indicate it on the map display. Two systems are available: the independent (estimation) navigation system in which the vehicle itself detects its current location, and the GPS (satellite) navigation system that uses GPS signals.

DENSO’s Car Navigation is a hybrid system that combines the two technologies, making navigation possible even in areas out of reach of a GPS signal. Designed in conjunction with a number of vehicle manufacturers for optimised styling, convenience and ease of use, the DENSO system consists of a navigation ECU, GPS antenna, in-dash display with touch screen control or a foldout display with remote controller.

Key benefits

  • Fast display scrolling and route searching
  • Scope for multi-route input and up to 106 pre-programmed locations
  • Touch screen display and/or remote control options
  • Large menu of tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, shops, community services and amusements
  • Second-to-none voice guidance tailored to each country’s road conditions
  • Accurate operation in any environmental and driving conditions
  • Integrates with other systems such as car air conditioning and audio equipment