Airbag Sensing System

An innovative range of active safety and driver assistance technologies

Airbag Sensing System

DENSO has supplied the airbag sensing system to car makers since 1989. It is designed to detect a collision and control airbags by sending a signal to the airbag ECU. This then deploys the appropriate airbag or curtain airbag according to the severity and location of the collision.

DENSO’s Airbag Sensing System includes:

  • Electronic and electro-mechanical front sensors that instantaneously detect collisions in the vehicle front (crash zone)
  • Side impact sensors, installed on the vehicle B- and C-pillar on the side of a vehicle, that instantaneously detect side collisions
  • Airbag electronic control unit (ECU), installed inside the cabin, that controls optimal deployment of airbags based on the information received from the sensors


DENSO technology

In 2002, DENSO introduced the highly accurate semiconductor acceleration sensor for the electronic front sensor

Key benefits

  • Highly reliable collision detection
  • High performance and high reliability
  • Small and lightweight products
  • Applicable to any type of vehicle at low cost
  • Many variations to match customer’s needs and rapidly changing market trends