Adaptive Front-Lighting System

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Adaptive Front-Lighting System

The adaptive front-lighting system (AFS) redirects low-beam headlamps individually in a horizontal direction in accordance with steering angle and vehicle speed information. As a result, this system can improve visibility during night-time cornering, ensuring safer driving.

DENSO’s AFS includes:

  • AFS ECU that calculates the swivel angle as a vehicle turns a corner
  • Swivel motor that focuses the low-beam headlamps in the direction of the turn in accordance with the swivel angle, illuminating the road ahead at a wider angle

The AFS ECU also calculates vehicle incline using the vehicle height, and controls a levelling motor based on the incline to maintain the headlamp’s vertical axis.

Key benefits

  • Automatically adjusts individual headlamps
  • Improves visibility during night-time cornering
  • Safer driving