Adaptive Cruise Control System

An innovative range of active safety and driver assistance technologies

Adaptive Cruise Control System

DENSO’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) System monitors the distance between your vehicle and the vehicles ahead, and regulates your speed. It decelerates your vehicle when necessary to maintain a safe distance, then resumes cruising speed when the way is clear.

Products developed by DENSO for the ACC system include:

  • Long-life laser radar that uses two-dimensional laser scanning for precise recognition of preceding vehicles and stationary objects
  • Millimetre-wave radar that detects and calculates the distance of preceding vehicles and obstacles
  • Vehicle distance electronic control unit (ECU) that determines if the object in front is a vehicle and calculates your vehicle’s target acceleration
  • Engine ECU that controls your vehicle’s speed based on the target acceleration

Key benefits

  • Radar
  • Wide scanning range
  • Long life and small size
  • Precise discrimination between moving vehicles and stationary objects such as signs
  • High-resolution detection of vehicle distance
  • ECU
  • Precise recognition of road conditions and preceding vehicles
  • Smooth speed control