Information & Safety Systems

Everyday Confidence, Extraordinary Safety

Information & Safety Systems

Commitment to traffic safety

DENSO offers the Automation and Information Systems which allow the driver to eliminate the difficulties and concerns about controling the vehicle while reducing driving-related fatigue during normal driving. The company also offers the Warning and Intervention Systems to assist the driver in critical situations. DENSO pursues “Everyday Confidence, Extraordinary Safety” to help create a more comfortable and safer automotive society for people worldwide.

Click to go to DENSO Safety Technology WebsiteTwo core technologies:

DENSO’s sensing technologies perceives the surroundings of the vehicle in both normal and critical driving situations. The company’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) technologies provide the driver with feedback appropriate to the driving situation in a safe and easy-to-understand manner. DENSO system with these two core technologies are designed to be robust in a wide range of driving environments and yet small enough to be easily installed.

Sensing technologies

Perceiving changes in driving conditions from three points of view: driving environment, driver, and vehicle.

Driving Environment



Human Machine Interface (HMI) Technologies

Providing information and control assistance to the driver without distracting the driver’s attention by appealing to three of the driver’s five senses-sight, hearing, and touch-based on a thorough knowledge of how the human body works.