DENSO products are smaller, lighter and more efficient


Product development at DENSO is driven by our mantra: smaller, lighter and more efficient. We also want our technologies to help make the world a better place, which is why our solutions aim to minimise the environmental impact of cars, as well as maximising overall vehicle safety.

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DENSO products and systems are an integral part of nearly every major vehicle make and model across Europe. So, if you see a vehicle on the road, the likelihood is that there’s a quality DENSO product somewhere inside.

DENSO is organized around business groups. The businesses coordinate with one another to accommodate systemisation and modularisation, and decision-making is conducted in line with the conditions of each business.


Powertrain Control Systems


DENSO_electronic_throttle_bodyIncorporates divisions involved in the development and manufacture of Engine Management Systems and components for both petrol and diesel engines.

In addition, the Engine Electrical Systems — including Starters and Alternators —¬†and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Components Business Units are incorporated to create an organisation that can coordinate and propose all powertrain control systems.




Thermal Systems

DENSO_CondenserIncorporates divisions involved in the development and manufacture of Air Conditioners, Radiators and other components using automotive heat exchange technologies.

In Europe, known to be the technologically advanced region, DENSO will continue its world leading expertise in thermal engineering and globally send out and make use of our accumulated technology.




Information & Safety Systems


Incorporates several divisions involved in the development and manufacture of Information and Communication products, Safety Systems and Body Electronics. In addition, the Electric Control Components Division is incorporated to create new synergies in the business for vehicle dynamics.





Electronic Systems

DENSO_Airbag_ECUIncorporates divisions involved in the development and manufacture of engine ECUs and other integrated circuits or electronic devices for automotive control systems.