DENSO to Exhibit at Beijing Motor Show

DENSO to Exhibit at Beijing Motor Show

KARIYA (Japan) ― DENSO Corporation announced that it will participate at Auto China 2016 (popularly known as the Beijing Motor Show) in Beijing, China from Monday, April 25 to Wednesday, May 4. DENSO will showcase a variety of products and technologies, mainly in the areas of safety and the environment.

In “Safety,” DENSO will exhibit the Harmonious Communication Cockpit for the first time in China. This cockpit will enable visitors to experience DENSO’s future technologies that give warnings to the driver when the vehicle is entering a hazardous area and that assist merging and lane changing. DENSO’s simulator include the following technologies: a large-screen head-up display (HUD) that will project important information onto the windshield; an active footrest that leans in the direction the vehicle is moving to notify the driver when lane change assistance is activated; a lighting indicator in the instrument cluster, called harmonious lumi that illuminates and informs the driver of potential obstacles; a driver status monitor that uses a camera to detect the driver’s attentiveness level; and, an electric mirror that uses a camera to display rear and side images and warn when it detects a potential threatening situation.

DENSO’s environment display will include an audiovisual presentation outlining its approach to creating a sustainable society from four different perspectives: 1) Increasing engine efficiency, 2) Increasing air conditioning efficiency, 3) Promoting the spread of electric vehicles; and, 4) Increasing the efficiency of energy use in micro grids. DENSO’s exhibits to support these four initiatives will include gasoline direct injection systems, diesel engine common rail systems, and new products for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

DENSO will continue to help create a more environmentally friendly and road accident-free society by developing products and technologies related to safety and the environment.


DENSO booth (conceptual image)