DENSO Robot VS-050-S2 Wins Good Design Grand Award

DENSO Robot VS-050-S2 Wins Good Design Grand Award

Tokyo (Japan) – The DENSO Robot VS-050-S2 from the H2O2/UV Series has received the Good Design Grand Award – the highest honor for the evaluation and commendation of design, organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP).

DENSO_Robotics_VS_H2O2_UV_2The new VS H2O2/UV Series offers a sleek and futuristic design that is suitable specifically for a cleanroom environment. This new robot series complies with sanitary standards such as IPA and UL.

In addition, it is resistant to strong sterilization chemicals such as H2O2 spray and Ultra Violet light, it has a sanitary design and it is easy to maintain. All while preserving DENSO’s fast, precise, compact and now highly resistant image.

Its easy-to-clean round forms, internal wiring and no visible screws which inhibit bacteria from collecting on the surface, make the New DENSO VS-050-S2 a perfect choice for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.



The DENSO VS-050-S2 is manufactured by the Controller Business Division, DENSO WAVE DENSO_Robotics_VS_H2O2_UVINCORPORATED.

The designer is Gen Orikasa of DENSO CORPORATION, under the guidance of Yoshifumi Yoshida, General Manager, Design Division, DENSO CORPORATION.

As the established market leader in the small assembly industrial robots segment, DENSO Robotics continues to set the benchmark in reliability, flexibility, and functionality. With more than 75,000 DENSO Robots installed across the globe — 17,000 of which are employed in its own manufacturing facilities — no other company has more knowledge or expertise.

DENSO Robotics follows the needs of growing markets and presents functional, innovative and high-quality products.

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