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Barcelona, Spain

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DENSO Barcelona S.A.

Established in June 1989 in Sant Fruitós de Bages located around 60 kilometers from Barcelona. We have grown continously undergoing eight expansions, (first in 1991 and most recently in 2014) that have allowed us to adapt to meet new challenges.

Originally we produced only a single product – the ignition coil for Ford.  Today we manufacture a number of different products in both Electronic and Powertrain categories including electronic control units (ECU), meter clusters, stick coils, oxygen sensors and air flow meters for a diverse set of customers.

It is the strong commitment of our Associates to our customers and our community that has enabled us to achieve international standards for quality such as ISO/TS 16949 as well as receiving many customer quality awards including from Toyota. Our community commitment is seen in our donations to cultural and educational organizations with an emphasis to support the physically challenged. We have Community Service Day (CSD) activities based on the DENSO Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines.

Our environmental commitment is seen in our ISO 14001 and EMAS Certification (click here to view our latest EMAS statement) which we have had for more than 10 years. We introduced a wastewater purification plant, fire protection systems and our own fire fighting team. The Generalitat of Catalunya gave us an award for ten years of best environmental practices. DENSO Barcelona is now the 7th authorized company with OEA certification in Spain and the 2nd company in Bages who has held the EMAS Award for for more than ten years of best environmental practices.

Since fiscal year 2014, DENSO Barcelona has been promoting additional added value for the plant, by creating the Research & Development department. This new function is creating a capable and multi-skilled team to develop and maintain Engineering capability in the plant, under the organization of European Electronics Engineering. Main focus point are the development of Hardware design capability and Propotyping function for European customers.

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DENSO Barcelona has been partially financed by the European Fund for the Regional Development (FEDER) from the pluri-regional operational programm of intelligent growth. The goal of this new project is to develope for the first time in DENSO BARCELONA a new ECM, focusing on efficiency and standardization. All the goals of this project has been achieved with success.  With a total budget of 1.330.444,00 € ​CDTI has contributed  funding the 85% of this project.


DENSO in Europe

DENSO offers truly exceptional opportunities for talented individuals to become part of a regional team of around 15,500 Associates.

DENSO Corporation is one of the world’s largest automotive components suppliers with headquarters in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan.

DENSO has facilities all over the world including significant operations in North and South America, China, India and Southeast Asia.

We have been established in Europe since 1973, and our regional headquarters is in Weesp, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

DENSO has steadily expanded its European operations both through the establishment of new greenfield manufacturing operations in Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, the UK and Morocco and through the acquisition of operations in Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and Portugal.

Careers with DENSO

Be part of a big company that truly understands that its best asset is its human capital.

To achieve all of our expectations it is essential that we create a stable labour relations environment in which all of our Associates can coexist, collaborate, develop and find challenges from their daily work.

Working for DNBA provides you with an opportunity to work for a state of the art manufacturing company. Not just in terms of engineering but also our quality, our manufacturing and our corporate functions. Opportunities exist within DENSO that only the best companies can offer.

For DNBA a positive working environment provides the foundation for each Associate to pursue opportunities to develop themselves local and regionally. The ability to progress within your own specialist field whilst working with an international network of colleagues. The only limitation is your individual capability and drive for achievement.

Working for DENSO

DNBA believes that the company’s success lies not only in our advanced technology but the continuous efforts of all of our Associates to achieve the highest excellence standards required by our customers.

You will join a big team work where everyone shares the same values and style of work, but still respects the individuality of our diverse team. Only with differents points of views do you get the best solutions. You will be part of a foremost company that cares for the diversity of culture, nationality, age and gender of our associates throughout our business.

Being part of DNBA you will get competitive social benefits such as a quarterly bonus, subsidised canteen, bonus of movement, etc.

With a proactive and continuous improvement mind you will have the opportunity to develop yourself whilst contributing to sustainable operations that makes DNBA an award winning Company.

Discover DENSO Europe

With over 13,000 people in 15 countries, DENSO Europe is ideally placed to serve all the major European car manufacturers.

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