DENSO Announces Senior Management Changes

DENSO Announces Senior Management Changes

KARIYA (Japan) DENSO Corporation today announced management changes, which were approved at today’s shareholders meeting and board of directors meeting. These changes are effective today.


1. New management  

(1) 14 Board of Directors

(2)  5 Audit and Supervisory Board Members

(3) 11 Senior Executive Directors

(4) 28 Executive Directors


2. Retirements

(1) Board of Directors

Hiromi Tokuda   (Newly appointed as Advisor, Senior Technical Executive)

Hikaru Sugi      (Newly appointed as Advisor, Senior Technical Executive)

Kazuo Hironaka  (Newly appointed as Advisor)

(2) Audit and Supervisory Board Member

Toshio Watanabe (Newly appointed as Advisor)


(3) Executive Directors

Noboru Yamada (Newly appointed as Advisor)

Kenichiro Kamai (Newly appointed as Advisor)


DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, is a leading global automotive supplier of advanced technology, systems and components in the areas of thermal, powertrain control, electronics and information and safety. Its customers include all the world’s major carmakers. Worldwide, the company has more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliates in 38 countries and regions (including Japan) and employs nearly 140,000 people. Consolidated global sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, totaled US$39.8 billion. Last fiscal year, DENSO spent 9.0 percent of its global consolidated sales on research and development. DENSO common stock is traded on the Tokyo and Nagoya stock exchanges.

DENSO’s New Organization and Responsibility


1. Board of Directors

President   & CEO Nobuaki   Katoh  
Executive   Vice Presidents


Koji   Kobayashi Support of President & CEO
Masahiko   Miyaki Support of President & CEO,   Overall R&D, Engineering

Research     & DevelopmentCenter

◇Akio Shikamura Support   of President & CEO, Overall Production, Thermal

Systems   Business Group

◇Haruya Maruyama Support   of President & CEO, Overall Sales and Marketing,

Sales   and Marketing Group

Member of the   Board


Shinji Shirasaki  
Akio Tajima  
Michio Adachi  
Hiroyuki Wakabayashi  
Satoshi Iwata  
○Masahiko Ito  
Shoichiro Toyoda  
○George Olcott  
○Takashi Nawa  


2. Audit and Supervisory Member

Audit and Supervisory Board



Masato Iwase  
○Atsuhiko Shimmura  
Fujio Cho  
Tsutomu Saito  
Toshimichi Kondo  


3. Senior Executive Director

Senior Executive Director

*Member of the   Board

Shinji Shirasaki* Electronic   Systems Business Group
○Manfredo Nicolelli Thermal   Systems Business (Europe)
Akio Tajima* Corporate Center, Purchasing Group
○Yoshikazu Makino President   of DENSO INTERNATIONAL ASIA CO.,LTD.
Michio Adachi* Powertrain Control Systems Business   Group
○Yasushi Yamanaka President   of DENSO INTERNATIONAL EUROPE B.V.
Hiroyuki Wakabayashi* Information & Safety Systems   Business Group
Satoshi Iwata* Information   & Safety Systems Business Group (Deputy),

Tokyo Office

○Masahiko Ito* New Business, Aftermarket Business,

Climate, Cooling and Heating Business   Unit

○Toshiyuki Kato Sales and Marketing Group (Deputy), Tokyo Sales Division
○Koji Arima ProductionPromotionCenter


4. Executive Director

Executive Director


Sadahiro Usui President   of DENSO INTERNATIONAL AMERICA, INC.
Katsuhisa Shimokawa Thermal   Systems Business Group (Deputy)
Yukihiko Murakami President of DENSO (CHINA)   INVESTMENT CO.LTD.
Hiroyuki Ina Information and Communications   Technology Business Unit
Shingo Kuwamura President of DENSO MANUFACTURING   MICHIGAN, INC.
Yukihiro Kato Electronics Device Business Unit
Shoji Tsuzuki Corporate Communications Division,   General Administration

Division, Human Resources Division,   Health Care Promotion

Division, Plant General   Administration

Yoshifumi Kato Technology Planning Division,   Engineering Development

Promotion Division, Intellectual   Property Division, Design

Division, Corporate R&D Division   1,2,3

Tatsuya Toyoda Aftermarket Business (Deputy)
Masanari Murakami President of TIANJIN DENSO ELECTRONICS CO.LTD.
Yukihiro Shinohara Diesel Injection Business Unit,   Gasoline Injection Business Unit
(Sales and Marketing of North, Central & South America)
Bunichi Kondo Toyota Sales Division, Osaka Sales Division
Masanori Tsuruta Electronics Business Unit
Yasuhiro Iida President of DENSO (THAILAND) CO.   LTD.
Kenichiro Ito Corporate Planning Division, Finance   & Accounting Division,

Business Innovation Department

Hideaki Matsuki DENSO INTERNATIONAL ASIA CO.,LTD.   (Deputy)
Shinsuke Yamaguchi Information Strategy Planning   Division, Safety & Environment

Promotion Division, Facility   Division, Strategic Production

Planning Division, Production Control   Division, Logistics

Planning Division

Yoshitaka Kajita President of DENSO INTERNATIONAL INDIA PVT.   LTD.,


(Sales and Marketing of Asia &   Oceania)

Hiroaki Okuchi System Control Components Business   Unit, Engine Electrical

Systems Business Unit

○Jack Helmboldt President   of DENSO MANUFACTURING TENNESSEE, INC.

(Sales and   Marketing of Europe)

○Yasuhiko Yamazaki Production Eng. Division, Production Eng. R&D Division,

Materials Eng. R&D   Division, Machinery & Tools Division, Parts

Engineering   Division, Prototype Mfg. Division

○Hisaaki Sato Global   Sales & Business Development Division, Global

Business   Planning Division, Chubu Sales Division, Hiroshima

Sales   Division

○Hajime Kumabe Driving   Assist & Safety Business Unit, Electric Control

Components   Division

○Yasushi Matsui Purchasing   Planning Division, Purchasing Division 1,2,3,

Materials,   Equipment & Facilities Purchasing Division

○Hirotsugu Takeuchi Thermal   Systems Business Unit

 ○ Newly-appointed ◇ Promoted