DENSO Announces “2015 Environmental Action Plan”

DENSO Announces “2015 Environmental Action Plan”

Promoting activities to have a sustainable automotive society

KARIYA (Japan) ― Here at DENSO, we can honestly say that we’re committed to protecting the environment because it’s who we are. It’s something we’ve done since our inception back in 1949. In an effort to promote activities to help realize a sustainable automotive society, DENSO Corporation today announced its environmental action plan for fiscal years 2011-2015. Called “2015 Environmental Action Plan,” it is a plan to fulfill the company’s long-term environmental policy, DENSO EcoVision 2015, which was announced in 2005.

“Some activities the ‘2015 Environmental Action Plan’ will promote and support is the accelerated research and development of environmentally friendly technologies and products,” said Sojiro Tsuchiya, senior managing director who oversees DENSO’s overall production affairs and the Production Promotion Center. “The plan also includes the reduction of environmentally hazardous substances worldwide. Our goal is to help meet the international environmental targets such as reducing CO2 emission level from 2000 to 2050 by half.”

DENSO’s 2015 Environmental Action Plan consists of four categories: 1) Eco management, 2) Eco products, 3) Eco factory, and 4) Eco friendliness.

1) Eco management: DENSO will strengthen its environmental management across its group companies worldwide.

DENSO has expanded its business worldwide and will strengthen its consolidated environmental management, including in emerging countries where business has expanded in recent years. DENSO will especially tighten the control of CO2 emissions, chemical substances, and other hazardous materials throughout the world, as well as aim for the highest standards for environmental management in each country and region.

2) Eco products: To help create a sustainable society, DENSO will develop more environmentally friendly technologies and products.

To contribute to a low-carbon society, DENSO will develop new technologies and products that meet the requirements of car manufacturers’ goal to improve fuel efficiency by 25 percent by 2015, compared to 2005 levels. In addition, DENSO will promote the development of products to be used in clean energy vehicles, such as electric vehicles. The company will also accelerate activities in the diversification of new energy resources such as biofuel.

3) Eco factory: DENSO will improve productivity while reducing the environmental impacts of its production and logistics operations.

DENSO will work to promote the Just-in-Time (JIT) energy activity, an activity that is more flexible to changes in production volume and also aimed at reducing the energy used in production operations by half. In logistics operations, DENSO will focus on the reduction of CO2 emissions by improving transportation methods and promoting environmentally friendly driving styles. The company also will implement other energy-saving activities to reduce the effects on the environment throughout the world.

4) Eco friendly: DENSO will promote social action programs for harmony with nature and strengthen the company’s vitality.

In addition to conventional activities to conserve biodiversity in each country and region in line with their respective situations, DENSO will work to increase employees’ mindset to be more environmentally friendly and participate in environmental programs such as tree planting.

DENSO will report and update achievements of its 2015 Environmental Action Plan in DENSO yearly CSR reports, which is posted on its website.

DENSO’s 2010 Environmental Action Plan

DENSO’s “2010 Environmental Action Plan,” which was implemented in fiscal years 2006 – 2010, focused on:

1. Developing environmentally friendly products

2. Expanding efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

3. Reducing environmental burden on society

4. Consolidating environmental management

DENSO anticipates all targets in the above focus areas to be achieved in fiscal 2010, which end March 31, 2011.

The Symbol of DENSO’s Environmental Preservation Activities

DENSO has a newly developed symbol for its environmental preservation activities and will use it when implementing environmental activities.

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