Respecting our associates

Management practices that value people and provide ongoing opportunities

Respecting our associates

Companies grow best when employees are fulfilled, both professionally and personally. It is this fundamental belief that underpins all of our employee-focused initiatives. The growth and prosperity of DENSO – and hence its employees – relies on a culture which enables all employees to contribute to our business goals to the best of their ability.

Our mission

Our aim is to provide an open, dynamic and unified workplace culture through continuous dialogue and full employee participation. We also strive to create a positive environment in which employees can work with assurance in terms of health and safety.

Our policies

  • To create a sense of unity amongst employees, as well as individual motivation to actively participate in business activities
  • To recruit, assign, retain and develop employees who are creative, and who have the willingness and ability to contribute to continuous business growth
  • To establish and implement fair management policies and systems, which are highly regarded by both employees and society

In Europe we already have outstanding development programmes for Associates working at all levels – from our best in class manufacturing training facilities in Hungary and the Czech Republic, to the team of full time manufacturing trainers (DOJO Trainers) that are hard at work in our Telford, UK plant providing on-the-job training to new and experienced Associates alike. In terms of our approach to assuring safety in our workplaces any accidents and incidents are monitored regionally and globally. DENSO has developed a series of Global Safety Standards which consolidate our accumulated safety know-how from the last 40 years. These provide a strong base upon which we can deliver high levels of safety within our workplaces; often significantly exceeding levels required by law in the countries in which we operate. Many of our plants have adopted and maintained OHSAS 18001 (safety management system) to further develop and independently validate their safety management systems.

Medical facilities and welfare related benefits are used according the needs of the local workforces, including the provision of physiotherapy, acupuncture and counselling support at some of our European locations. Other manufacturing companies provide seasonal vitamin packs to their workforces or flu vaccines to help reduce the effects of seasonal illnesses. Many of our locations organise social clubs, family days and other seasonal events helping to recognise the contributions that the families of our Associates make to the overall organisation.