Eco Factories

Setting the standard for waste minimisation and energy efficiency

Eco Factories

As one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, DENSO consumes a vast amount of energy and materials. We therefore continually review our operations for any opportunity to save resources – even a small percentage reduction can result in massive savings. Due to these efforts many of our factories now set the standard, in their countries, for waste minimisation and energy efficiency. Many have achieved and maintained a zero landfill status for many years including our plants in Hungary and in Telford, in the UK.

In 2006 DENSO developed the Eco Factory concept, which aims at reducing environmental impact whilst boosting production efficiency. This unique approach assesses our:

Legal compliance and minimisation of environmental risk, e.g. confirmation of water quality before discharge and rainwater management systems at our manufacturing locations

Improvement of environmental performance such as achieving zero emissions (waste to landfill) and engaging 100% employee participation in our waste segregation, recycling, and waste minimisation programmes.

Co-existence with communities and nature, e.g. creation of wooded areas as ‘green assets’, creation of bio-topes or eco-gardens such as at our sites in Shipley, UK and in Telford, UK or the implementation of pioneering energy reduction technologies in our plants in the Czech Republic and in Hungary. This also includes working with local schools, colleges and universities to promote environmental sustainability within our local communities. Activities like this are underway at many of our manufacturing locations in Europe.

Our DENSO Environmental Performance Communicator (D-EPC) evaluates, on an annual basis, all of our manufacturing locations and awards them a one to five ranking. This enables us to clearly assess the strengths and weaknesses of factories in all regions, and to ensure continual improvement.