Corporate Citizenship

Earning the trust of local and international communities

Corporate Citizenship

One of our key aims at DENSO is to be a good corporate citizen: a company that local and international communities can rely upon and trust. We are committed to our management principle of “being a company in harmony with society, and trusted by the international community”.

We make a continual contribution to society by providing products and services that promote people’s well-being. We also resolve to tackle social problems from a wide range of perspectives, in order to help enhance quality of life and create a more affluent society.

Through these various activities, DENSO aims to become a company with a widespread social presence and deep social conscience.

As a global Company our efforts are widely recognised (visit our global website for more information). In Europe too we demonstrate acts of citizenship in every part of our operations. Examples include providing our facilities for community groups to use as meeting places, and offering our sports facilities such as football pitches to local teams to train on. At many of our European manufacturing plants financial support is provided to target charities and voluntary organisations that often have long histories of collaboration with DENSO at these locations. Many of our workforce in Europe support charities financially from personal contributions deducted from their salaries, others participate in voluntary activities outside of work in their own time. Throughout Europe you will find our Associates hard at work contributing to improving the communities in which they live and work.