Code of Conduct

Addressing legal compliance

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates was developed in 2006, following a complete revision of the previous Code in 1997. It serves as the yardstick against which employees measure their daily conduct.

The new Code is based primarily on the principle of legal compliance. We see compliance as the cornerstone of all conduct: not only the observance of laws but also of our responsibility to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. This simple document is designed so that even new employees can understand and implement its guidelines.

In an effort to ensure thorough compliance, all DENSO Group companies share the same Code of Conduct, with local variations in accordance with national and regional laws and customs.

Key elements of “The Code of Conduct for all DENSO Group Associates” are:

  • Your conduct as a member of the DENSO Group
  • Creating a vibrant workplace
  • Earning trust and meeting the expectations of customers
  • Building win-win relationships with our suppliers
  • Living up to the trust and expectations of our shareholders
  • Upholding the best interests of society