DENSO takes its corporate responsibility very seriously


DENSO’s mission states that as a Company we should be “contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future.” In 2013 we adopted DENSO Long-term Policy 2020, a management vision, that guides our efforts in putting this philosophy into practice. This vision also complements our aim of building a sustainable society.

Please click here for a digest-version of the 2015 DENSO CSR Report.

Cooperating, collaborating and sharing values with our many stakeholders are key to achieving this vision. We work to demonstrate corporate behaviour that earns the trust and support of society.

Throughout our global operations we adopted the DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behaviour in April 2006, making clear our responsibility to stakeholders. We have placed corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the core of our management values, aiming to help build a sustainable society through our business activities.

Our CSR philosophy includes corporate governance, risk management, corporate behaviour, compliance, information security and communication and is structured around three key areas:

Environmental preservation

DENSO steadily promotes initiatives based on our long-term vision by designating environmental issues as major management priorities. We are working to our medium term environmental action programme which sets out four areas in which we concentrate our efforts: Eco Products, Eco Management, Eco Factories and Eco Friendly.

Corporate citizenship

We aim to be a good corporate citizen: a company that is trusted and supported by global and local communities. We contribute to society by providing products and services that promote the well-being of people. As a good corporate citizen, DENSO resolves to tackle social problems from a wide range of perspectives for better living and a more affluent society. Through these activities, DENSO aims to be a company with a broader social presence.

Respecting our associates

When employees are fulfilled professionally and personally, companies grow. In DENSO we strive to create an environment in which our associates in different countries can work together to contribute to DENSO’s business goals to the best of their ability. Our Human Resource Management Philosophy provides a global expression of our responsibility to our employees in the form of management practices that value people.

Modern Slavery and Human Traffic Statement

The UK DENSO Group companies are proud of the steps they have taken to combat slavery and human trafficking within their businesses and supply chains. The Modern Slavery and Human Traffic Statement is made in accordance with the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015, Chapter 30, Part 6, Section 54. You can download this statement.