Life at DENSO

More than 14,500 Associates work together at DENSO in Europe

Life at DENSO

As a long-established Japanese company, we benefit from more than 65 years of knowledge and experience.  Many Japanese principles are applied throughout our organisation, from the manufacturing process to corporate management standards we encapsulate these as the DENSO Spirit.

Our people focus on getting it right for the customer, continuously improving everything we do (you may have heard of kaizen, this means continuous improvement) and problem solving.  We even have a name for this approach – the DENSO Way of working!

We are a very international company, so our teams are diverse, with members from various countries in one location, or working as remote teams, for example, with people based in Japan, Sweden and the UK all working together on the same project.

People development is at the heart of making things, better. We provide regular opportunities to review the development that you need and ensuring you receive it.  That may be on-the-job (through assignments or coaching) or off the job, through training courses.  For more information about our development programmes, please see the links on the right. In a big company like ours, there are numerous ways you can develop your career: into different teams or different countries.  These opportunities will not fall into your lap, you have to work for them, but that’s normal, isn’t it?