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I am delighted that you are interested in joining our DENSO European Graduate Programme. We call it “IGNITE,” International Graduate Training for Engineers.

DENSO is such an amazing company, as you will soon find out, we have operations all over the world and employ around 151,000 people. Although our origins are in Japan we are truly global, providing our car-maker customers with world class technologies to support the new automotive age: comfortable, safe, connected vehicles with superior fuel economy.

Our engineers work tirelessly to push the boundaries of our products’ performance, they are never satisfied! Joining our European Engineering team will give you opportunities to work on cutting edge technologies, and our international organisation means you will soon find yourself collaborating with colleagues in our other engineering centres around the world. Many of our customers operate globally and so must we!

For us it’s all about collaboration, organisational understanding and building relationships based on trust. I look forward to hearing about your success as you start your journey into DENSO – it is truly a great organisation with unlimited opportunity and challenge.


Sadahiro Usui

CEO and President

European Region





Building my engineering and intercultural capability – Matias Focken

I received double Master degree in Japanese Language and Intercultural Studies, and Intelligent Transportation System. The first project I worked on after I joined DENSO was the development of a software in the loop test tool to support the development and testing for ADAS (Advanced Drive Assistance System) functions. While the task itself was both interesting and challenging, it requires engineering skills as well as a good coordination with the Japanese and local colleagues. The location of my first assignment was DENSO Sales Sweden, which is focusing on automotive engineering. I believe DENSO Europe is a dynamic and fast growing multicultural company with a strong anchor in Japan. This combination offers almost endless possibilities for engineering graduates. Our assignment at Japanese headquarters starts in February, and we are all very excited about it!





Working with a team of brilliant people – Prachi Mittal

My first assignment as an IGNITE engineering student was at DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland in Eching, near Munich, working on futuristic project with a team of brilliant people. This assignment is full of opportunities of learning, creating a professional network, exploring different technical areas by working in various divisions and also experiencing varied cultures of Europe, Japan and other regions. My first impression of DENSO in Germany is that it’s a company with a creative mindset, focused work power and harmonious working environment. I am experiencing the Japanese legacy of hard-work and systematic work flow as well as the panache of German engineering. I trust the three months training in Japanese headquarters will add a lot of excitement to this whole project.




My project experience – Dave Wilkins

The DENSO graduate scheme has given me the opportunity to work on a range of exciting projects in a friendly and supportive environment. I have had assignments in a number of departments in the UK, involving me in many projects already: building a diesel test rig, building a demo of our new technology onto a vehicle to show a customer, developing a database for the warranty team and even testing our systems on the customer’s camouflaged prototype vehicles in our test facilities. I have visited UK production locations of some of our customers, the car OEMs, and I’ve gained a real hands-on insight into their various engine systems.

As one concrete example, I had the opportunity to conduct some emissions systems benchmarking which allowed me to utilise measurement equipment in a new way, which was a great learning experience. A focus on accurate results meant we needed to give careful consideration to signal quality and measurement locations. As we refined our methods it was extremely satisfying when on later vehicles everything worked first time. The data I gathered will be used in future product planning.

DENSO is a company with strong values, the focus on quality and professionalism is apparent in all elements of our daily work. The commitment to people development can give graduates confidence to take up this great opportunity to apply their engineering specialist knowledge into the development of a real product.

The variety of work undertaken at DENSO keeps it interesting, and after a year and a half I am still excited for the future!

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So, you are thinking about joining us, what does a career with DENSO offer you?

Personal development

People development is at the heart of making things, better. We provide regular opportunities to review the development that you need and ensuring you receive it. That may be on the job (through assignments or coaching) or off the job, through training courses. In some countries there may also be the opportunity for you to pursue Chartered status in your engineering discipline.

Career development

After graduation from the Graduate Programme, we will support you to find your first permanent role, balancing your talents and specialism with our organisational needs. Thereafter, in a big company like ours, there are numerous ways you can develop further: into different engineering teams, to different countries, or into managing other engineers. These opportunities won’t fall into your lap, you’ll have to work for them, but that’s normal, isn’t it?


We evaluate the performance of everyone in DENSO on a regular basis. So after you’ve started with us with a competitive salary and benefits, if you perform well, we’ll ensure that you are rewarded for it.

Giving back

There are opportunities all across DENSO to get involved in environmental projects and work with the local community. We believe in contributing to society (that’s our mission) so you can get involved in that too.

What we look for

Our two-year graduate programme is designed for those who are just about to complete – of have recently completed – a degree in Engineering (automotive, electrical, electronic, mechanical, systems, software or mechatronic) or industrial engineering (economics, sales, technical sales).

 We look for graduates with the following attributes:

 Analytical and problem solving skills,

Team player,

Interest in long term development,

Continuous improvement mindset,

Persistence and perseverance,

Self-starter, with a drive to manage own tasks to deadlines

It could also be beneficial to your application if you have German language and good knowledge of simulation software

It is a challenging programme, but we aim support your development through a blend of on the job and formal training and mentoring and, if appropriate, we’ll encourage you to achieve professional chartered status.

about ignite

Our 24 month European Graduate Programme, is called “IGNITE,” our International Graduate Training for Engineers and Sales Engineers, and aims to spark your interest in the opportunities and challenges within DENSO.

The Assignments

Our programme is designed to give you a real insight into how we really develop and sell automotive products here in DENSO. We’ll give you chance to work on a daily basis within engineering or sales teams on three assignments in different locations. Your assignments will be defined individually based on your specific field.

Your assignments will aim to broaden your engineering or sales competence, and at least one assignment will be at an overseas location.

Training in Japan

We’re a Japanese company, so to help you to really understand our company culture, we’ll send you on a short (three month) assignment in our headquarters in Japan. Take the chance to grasp our company’s DNA at its origin and create a personal network with colleagues in the development teams inJapan, who you will continue to work with in your future career in our organisation.

You will not only be amazed by seeing how DENSO has brought “Monozukuri“ – the art of making things – to perfection when visiting one of the huge manufacturing plants or the DENSO training centre but also by the hospitality of your Japanese colleagues which will make that stay a truly unique experience.


Your individual assignments are supported by an induction and then with training sessions every three months or so as a group, so you can support each other!

We’ll give you workshops on project management, interpersonal and intercultural skills and quality management, as well as individual training to support you in your assignments.

In each assignment a local buddy will be at your side. He or she will be your counterpart for guidance and support. And of course, our HR team will be your source of constant support during the whole programme.

During your assignments you will be working as a full member of the team. So, your contribution matters! Because your work will be important, we will ask you to present the results of your work to your hosting department‘s manager at the end of each assignment.

Graduation and Next Steps

Having successfully completed your three assignments you will celebrate your graduation from the programme. During your last assignment the company will be considering the right permanent job for you, matching organisational needs and your individual talent and thus being a great starting point for your career in engineering within DENSO.

 Let’s have a closer look at the potential roles that you may take on after the programme:

As a Development Engineer for Power Train, Electric, Electronic, and ICT you will support the introduction of DENSO components and systems to our customer.

You will act as an interface between relevant internal parties and the customer, building really close relationships with all. In addition you will contribute to related commercial activities although those are predominately led by the sales team. Your responsibilities will range from innovative new product development to the maintenance of legacy projects.

As a Sales Engineer for our carmaker customers you will be responsible for maintaining the relationship with our customers.

Your focus will be both technical and commercial consulting with the customers to increase our sales, profit and customer satisfaction. You will work very closely with the customers, capturing their requests, requirements and expectations and introducing our products to them. You will support the development of product sales strategies and take care of their implementation.

Meet IGNITE members

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