Career Development

Exciting opportunities to develop your career within DENSO

Career Development

Developing your career with DENSO in Europe isn’t a problem! With operations in more than 15 countries there are always opportunities for those willing to seek them out. Finding and recruiting motivated, skilled people is time consuming and costly, so – just as we devote effort to increasing our product quality through kaizen – we prefer to invest our time and money developing existing employees. Our induction training, leadership development programmes and continual on-the-job development training (OJD) enable our Associates to grow within DENSO and fulfil their ambitions in Europe or around the world.

Induction training

All new Associates embark on a structured induction training programme tailored to the local Company and also built to reflect the specific job requirements. This induction training will be designed to provide them with an insight into DENSO’s culture, history and the DENSO Spirit. In our manufacturing companies induction training is often structured over multiple days and will include safety, equipment, product awareness and process knowledge. Induction training helps introduce a new Associate, irrespective of their role, to some of the key contacts throughout their organisation and provides a foundation for them to develop their organisational understanding as well as helping them build an effective network. Both key building blocks in developing the collaborative working approach from which DENSO gets its strength.

Leadership development

In 2006 DENSO Europe introduced the Regional Leadership Development Programme (RLDP), an intensive training program for senior management in Europe. Developed in partnership with The Hay Group and The Rotterdam School of Management – the programme focuses on helping to develop our leaders in those competencies and behaviours that we know contribute to outstanding performance in our organisation. The programme helps our leaders think outside of their functional and geographic boundaries as well as providing them with an opportunity to explore the automotive industry at a regional level.

Talent development

DENSO Europe operates a pan-European programme to identify young talent with high potential giving them the skills and know-how that they need as well as providing them with an opportunity to accelerate their development. The programme includes a business project to help them increase their visibility, establish a broader international network, and therefore to increase their credibility with the senior management group in Europe.

Succession planning

In many large companies it’s easy to become ‘just another number’, but not in DENSO in Europe. DENSO as a global organisation creates a long-term company vision that charts the course for the Corporation over a period of 5 to 10 years typically. In 2004 DENSO established its ‘Vision 2015’ which established the need for a global investment in our leadership development to support the achievement of the corporate goals in becoming global. A key piece in the global leadership program was the establishment of an effective succession planning that is now embedded at a local, regional and global level. Annual reviews of succession plans are undertaken by our management teams at a local, regional and global level, ensuring these plans actually drive action and decision making within our business. With strong foundations this enables us to build the organisation we need to deliver our future objectives and ensures that we have the right people in the right roles at the right time.