Our Vision

A future automotive society that works in harmony with the environment

Our Vision

DENSO is in the homestretch of our ‘Vision 2015’, working towards a future automotive society that has less cause to worry about environmental hazards and traffic safety. We will achieve this goal through foresight, credibility and collaboration; which together form the DENSO ‘spirit’.

The DENSO company motto ‘Beyond All Expectations’ communicates our driving passion to surpass our previous achievements and break through previous barriers.

Our strategy to reach this goal consists of three key strands:

Technological development

  • Product development primarily focused on the environment and safety
  • New business development that will generate dynamic thinking

Business operations

  • Consolidating our global competitive edge by sharing the DENSO way of manufacturing
  • Localised business operations that adapt to each region, while adopting the best attributes of each

Management and human resources

  • Developing a management system with the autonomy to make on-the-spot decisions
  • Supporting activities that produce team creativity through use of individual talents