Our Capabilities

Unrivalled capabilities enable quality and innovation

Our Capabilities

DENSO’s exceptional capabilities enable us to provide innovative automotive products to people around the world.

We make things that last

At the heart of DENSO lies our dedication to mono-zukuri – the art of making things. When we develop systems we consider the entire vehicle; when creating components we think about the entire system. This birds-eye view enables us to anticipate – and solve – problems we might not otherwise have considered.

At DENSO there is no room for compromise when it comes to quality. That’s why we introduced ‘concurrent engineering’ in the 1970s, with a team of employees from design, production and engineering work together seamlessly in an end-to-end process. As a result we pioneer products that offer outstanding quality and reliability; that are easier and more economical to manufacture.

We innovate

Customer needs concern four key areas: the environment, safety, comfort and convenience. To address these needs we invest approximately 8.8% of net sales annually in R&D activities. The result of this investment is a continual flow of pioneering advances, such as the world’s first low-speed adaptive cruise control technology and the world’s first pre-crash safety technology. You can count on DENSO for innovative thinking as we find inventive ways to reapply and merge core technologies – redefining quality to create new value.

We contribute to a better world

As a provider of advanced technology, systems and components, we strive to maximise eco-conscious engineering and minimise the impact of our products and production processes on the environment.

Many DENSO initiatives help protect the world we live in and counter global warming. Through the evolution of Eco Factories we prioritise eco-friendly activities while enhancing productivity. And we extend our reach to help local communities. Through initiatives such as employee volunteer activities and corporate philanthropy we ensure DENSO plays its part as a caring corporate citizen.