Global and regional leadership development programmes


DENSO is constantly looking for future leaders to join and enhance the company. We also want to optimise and continually develop their talents to the benefit of our business and our customers. To attract, retain and develop these exceptional individuals DENSO has established some of the automotive industry’s most effective and challenging leadership programmes. As part of our long-term growth agenda, DENSO’s pioneering Global and Regional leadership models provide structured, far-reaching training and development to enable our most capable employees to progress to senior positions within the company.


In 2013 DENSO Corporation set out its long-term policy for global growth, LTP 2020: a declaration of our company philosophy and commitment to a better world. The goal is to help create a world ‘in which cars, people and society exist in harmony’. To achieve these goals the company places overall emphasis on achieving outstanding excellence in technology, and within this four key fields: environment, safety, comfort and convenience. A global slogan was launched: Protecting lives, preserving the plannet, and preparing a bright future for generations to come.

To help us achieve these goals, and improve the localisation of our leadership, we established our unique Global Leadership Development Programme (GLDP) for our most senior individuals around the world.

Created by our global Human Resources teams and built on a foundation of research by some of the world’s leading HR research bodies, we understand what makes our greatest leaders excel. With this knowledge we have created a framework of leadership development tools to identify and progress the talents of our key individuals worldwide, including:

  • Global Leadership Competency Model
  • Global Performance Management System
  • Global Succession Planning and Grading Process

Our GLDP provides an in-depth assessment, training and personal development programme encompassing ten key competencies:

  • Continuous drive for achievement
  • Customer focus
  • Broad scanning (market, competitor and macro environment awareness)
  • Strategic thinking
  • Influencing effectively
  • Organisational understanding
  • Acting to build trust
  • Leading and aligning efforts
  • Building organisational capability
  • Developing talent

This most senior of our leadership development models provides both a platform for continuous personal and organisational development, but also an opportunity to share skills and network across DENSO’s worldwide business, enhancing our global collaborative approach.


In addition to our global leadership training programmes, Europe continues to be the leading region within DENSO for the development of its future leaders.

DENSO Europe’s accelerated Regional Leadership Development Programme (RLDP) provides a systematic framework for the identification and progression of individuals within our organisation. To date, more than 100 highly talented individuals have undertaken this 12 month modular programme, which includes a module at the highly respected Rotterdam School of Management.

For other DENSO Europe managers at earlier stages of their careers, we also have an additional high potential development programme, RAPID: Regional Acceleration Programme for Individual Development. Around 30 people per year from across DENSO Europe are nominated by the management at their location to receive in-depth feedback and leadership coaching from our international group of highly experiences trainers, actively supporting their long-term development within the regional organisation.

At DENSO, our future leaders can be assured that they will be placed on their own development plan that provides the chance for personal progression, as well as the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with colleagues from around the world.