Our People

Approximately 151,000 Associates in 38 countries across the globe

Our People

Our people are the very foundation of DENSO’s success and our most important asset. We value the efforts of all our employees (or as we call them, ‘Associates’) and recognise that without them DENSO would not have achieved its leading role in today’s global automotive industry.

Our values and beliefs have been shaped by our experiences over the years, and this accumulated know-how is the source of our strength and competitiveness. As DENSO started to substantially expand its operations overseas it became more and more important for these core principles to be defined and this took place in 1994. These core principles became the DENSO Spirit and they are structured around three core pillars of Foresight, Credibility and Collaboration.

As a condition of creating a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce stability of employment is a must, and both the company and our staff work together to ensure this is achieved.

Global teamwork

With approximately 151,000 Associates in 38 countries globally DENSO is active in all aspects of the automotive business. Being a world leader requires us to work in close cooperation with all of our customers and our suppliers to enable us to be able to provide the most suitable solutions to local requirements – earning the trust of our customers through the strength of our global team. Creating effective collaborative project teams that are able to operate across regions and across cultures is not easy. In DENSO we recognise the importance of continuously striving to achieve results. Having a continuous drive for achievement enables our Associates to work together to overcome these challenges through perseverance and continuous collaborative effort.

Unique partnership

One of our fundamental values lies in the concept of kaizen – continuous improvement. Being satisfied with the current circumstances prevents us from growing, so we are therefore always looking for ways to redefine and reinvent quality. This is what motivates DENSO to ever-higher achievements. Our engineers design bold new products that set us apart and our technicians are among the best in the world – but they don’t work in isolation. Through teamwork on each project they are able to ensure the highest quality while reducing cost.

Problem solving

As market leaders we have to be problem solvers, and we believe that the revolving cycle of PDCA – (Plan-Do-Check-Action) is the foundation for efficient and effective problem solving. New products often require new materials and specifically designed manufacturing machinery. Our in-house engineers have the professional know-how to deliver exactly what is required – thinking outside conventional boundaries and working seamlessly with technicians in our ‘concurrent engineering’ process. Within our manufacturing operations around the world Quality Circles operate continuously providing opportunities for our Associates to come together to solve workplace problems. These provide a safe and structured learning environment where practical problem-solving skills can be developed and tested in the workplace. An extra stimulation for many lies in the opportunity to compete in local, regional and global Quality Circle competitions.

Human development

The growth of a company is dependent upon the growth of its people. Nothing is more important than our employees when it comes to reaching our goals, which is why we nurture them through training and development. In Japanese the term is “hitozukuri” which literally translates as “people” (hito) “making” (zukuri) and a common phrase within our manufacturing operations is “monozukuri wa hitozukuri” which in essence describes that the art of manufacturing (or making things) is to make good people! Our first training centre was established in 1954, and we now have training centres at many of our DENSO facilities around the world fostering the technical expertise and know-how essential to a dynamic global network.