DENSO International Europe

Holding company for DENSO’s European operations

DENSO International Europe

The Netherlands-based DENSO International Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DENSO Corporation.

As well as being the holding company for DENSO’s European operations, DENSO International Europe is also a virtual organisation which aims to optimise the existing functions within the seven DENSO sales companies currently operating in Europe. These are based in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium and Sweden.

DENSO International Europe also incorporates the European research and development centres, engineering facilities and headquarters functions within its integrated structure.

Having this virtual single-organisation set-up benefits DENSO’s customers by offering simplified and standardised processes, speedy decision-making and a clear strategy for the future.

Who are the DENSO International Europe  companies?




United Kingdom

  • DENSO International UK LTD.